Posh RiceOver 70 Recipes for All Things Rice

Rice is a staple ingredient all over the world. It’s versatile, simple to cook, and delicious, and with Posh Rice you can discover more than 70 recipes to make the most of this easy to cook ingredient. With a guide to the basics of cooking rice, and a photo of every recipe, this is the ultimate gifty cookbook or self-purchase for rice-lovers everywhere.

“Forget quinoa, kamut, and other trendy superfood grains. This volume elevates rice from a lowly side dish to the main course, with over 70 ideas for preparing this staple grain with inspiration from all corners of the world. Recipes are included for every meal or occasion including salads, bowls, soups, snacks, sides, main dishes, and even desserts. A friendly introduction explains the different types of rice and some general cooking guidelines. Mouth-watering full-page color photographs by food photographer Luck and food stylist Emily Kydd accompany the recipes, which feature manageable ingredient lists.” – Library Journal