AustraliaThe Cookbook

A celebration of Australian cuisine like never before — 350 recipes showcasing the rich diversity of its landscapes and its people.

Australia is a true melting pot of cultures and this is reflected in its cooking. As an island of indigenous peoples alongside a global panoply of immigrants with different culinary influences and traditions, its foodways are ripe for exploration. As well as the regional flora and fauna that make up bush tucker, there are dishes from all over the world that have been adopted and adapted to become Australia’s own — making this recipe collection relevant to home cooks everywhere.

Ross Dobson is an Australian food writer, stylist and chef in regular demand by many media outlets including Sydney Morning Herald, Sainsbury’s Magazine and Olive. He has been food editor for Australian BBC Good Food magazine, authored many best-selling cookbooks, and established acclaimed cafes and restaurants in the Western suburbs of Sydney. His latest venture is the Café Royce in Penrith, where he cooks classic and contemporary Australian food.

“A voyage around Australia.” – Forbes

“This encyclopaedic tome, by food writer Ross Dobson, spans 50,000 years of Australian cuisine and culture in chapters covering everything from eggs and dairy to jams and condiments, with plenty of meat, fish and veggie dishes in between.” – National Geographic

“Deeply evocative.” – The Caterer

This cookbook maps [Australian] cuisine while making it easy for cooks in any part of the world to taste Australia.” – Fine Dining Lovers

Packed with light, bright and easy bakes that will hit all the right nostalgic notes – even if you’ve never travelled down under.” – Stylist

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