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Cesare Battisti, chef at Milan’s renowned Ratanà restaurant, and Gabriele Zanatta guide readers on this delightful culinary voyage to discover the wonderful world of Milanese cooking, presented here through a contemporary lens, yet simultaneously highlighting traditional influences as well.

The book is divided into thirteen chapters, each dedicated to a particular ingredient or specific dish: brief introductions rich in curious and historical details are followed by tips on recognizing the quality and seasonality of products, along with suggestions on how to source from trusted suppliers.

Frequently the authors’ reinterpretations of a vast range of recipes are characterized by a focus on creating “lighter” versions of classics, in ways that still align with today’s gastronomic culture. Leafing through the pages of Contemporary Milanese Cooking, you’ll rediscover the origins of Milan’s celebrated risotto alla milanese, a dish that has become a symbol of the city, and taste ris e erborin, a soup made with rice and parsley.

For those who wish to delve into tradition while keeping a finger on the pulse of the present, Contemporary Milanese Cooking will surely not disappoint.

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