Eating on the Wild SideThe Missing Link to Optimum Health

Winner of the 2014 IACP Cookbook Award in the category of “Food Matters.” The next stage in the food revolution–a radical way to select fruits and vegetables and reclaim the flavor and nutrients we’ve lost.

Ever since farmers first planted seeds 10,000 years ago, humans have been destroying the nutritional value of their fruits and vegetables. Unwittingly, we’ve been selecting plants that are high in starch and sugar and low in vitamins, minerals, fiber, and antioxidants for more than 400 generations.


EATING ON THE WILD SIDE reveals the solution–choosing modern varieties that approach the nutritional content of wild plants but that also please the modern palate. Jo Robinson explains that many of these newly identified varieties can be found in supermarkets and farmer’s market, and introduces simple, scientifically proven methods of preparation that enhance their flavor and nutrition. Based on years of scientific research and filled with food history and practical advice, EATING ON THE WILD SIDE will forever change the way we think about food.


Jo Robinson is the author or coauthor of 14 nonfiction books. She lives on Vashon Island, Washington, where she grows many of the extraordinary fruits and vegetables described in this book.

A modern-day Hippocrates, Robinson has written the prescription for good health in her phenomenal new book, Eating on the Wild Side. The cure for what ails us is right there, and it’s delicious.”

–Dan Barber, chef and owner of Blue Hill and Blue Hill at Stone Barns

“The next Omnivore’s Dilemma.”



“I learned so much from this outstanding book about how to choose, store, and prepare the best varieties of fruits and vegetables available today to compensate for the drastic changes that plant breeding and modern agriculture have wrought on their wild ancestors. Highly recommended reading for all who are health conscious.”

–Andrew Weil, MD, author of True Food and Spontaneous Happiness


“A wonderful, enlightening book. Jo Robinson has done a magnificent job of bringing together information from so many diverse disciplines–most of it unknown to nutritional scientists, physicians, and lay people alike.”

–Loren Cordain, Ph.D., author of The Paleo Diet


“If the organic movement needs a Joan of Arc I would surely nominate Jo Robinson. Eating on the Wild Side illustrates why she is without a doubt the quiet anchor of the movement.  Only Michael Pollan would come close to her superbly researched work.”

–Bill Kurtis, Chairman and Founder, Tallgrass Beef Company


“Exceptionally well done. Anyone who cares about getting maximum value from fresh produce will want to refer to this book again and again.”

–Cheryl Long, Editor-in-Chief of Mother Earth News 


“Because recent studies have taught us that we should be getting our beta carotene and other health-builders not from pills but from well-grown food, this book is just what gardeners and cooks need.”

–The Washington Post


“It’s a great book. I think people will change the way they buy their food. I know that I will.”

–Dr. Sanjay Gupta


“Most fascinating. Hailed as the first book to reveal the nutritional history of fruits and vegetables….I’m savoring every word.”

–PBS’s Food Blog, “Kitchen Vignettes

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