How to Make Maple SyrupFrom Gathering Sap to Marketing Your Own Syrup.

Learn how to make your own maple syrup from start to finish.

Third-generation syrup makers Alison and Steven Anderson show you how to collect sap using a tree-friendly tubing system and then cook, bottle, and even market your syrup. Whether you want a few bottles of syrup for your family’s pancakes or you want to start your own business, this concise reference has the information you need.

Steven Anderson is a third generation syrup maker. His grandfather Paul Anderson started Anderson’s Maple Syrup, located near Cumberland, WI, in 1928. His father Norman Anderson was inducted into the Maple Syrup Hall of Fame in 2009. Steven’s knowledge of the maple syrup industry and his passion for the craft has earned him the respect of fellow syrup makers.

Alison Anderson is a writer, mostly of children’s and young adult fiction. When she’s not writing, Alison works at Anderson’s Maple Syrup, Inc. Together, Steven and Alison live on their sugarbush near Cumberland, Wisconsin, with their two children who want to be syrup makers when they grow up!

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