The Hang Fire CookbookRecipes and Adventures in American BBQ

Samantha Evans and Shauna uinn travelled to America in 2012, on a roadtrip of epic proportions to find out ‘what exactly is American BBQ?’

Their adventures saw them help cook for a rodeo in Houston, help an old mountain man repair his even older drum smoker deep in the Appalachians and entrusted with spice rub secrets that they’ve sworn to take to the grave. They attended masterclasses by competition winning barbecuers and travelled around eating the very best (and sometimes the very worst) barbecue in the world.

From stunning smoked brisket, ultimate pork ‘n’slaw and tailgate hotwings, The Hang Fire Cookbook reveals how they make their delicious recipes and the secrets behind the perfect smoke and BBQ, including the best rubs, pickles, and cures.

Sam Evans from Wales and Shauna Guinn from Northern Ireland gave up high-flying careers in London to embark on their dream of discovering the secrets of American barbecue. After a 6-month US road trip from 2012-13, on their return to the UK they realized their dream of setting up Hang Fire Smokehouse, first as a pop-up in Cardiff, and then as an acclaimed street food stall. They won the 2015 BBC’s Food and Farming Award for Best Street Food, and are currently the only female team in the UK making authentic US barbecue.