One ingredient can change the nature of a dish, elevating it from flat to transcendent—with 58 ingredient profiles and more than 260 recipes and variations.

Do you have a kitchen full of jars and pastes and flours you want to use more? From capers, crème fraîche, and fish sauce to date syrup, labneh, preserved lemon, and more, Michelle McKenzie offers a fresh perspective on magical pantry items that are often overlooked by home cooks.

With 58 ingredient profiles and more than 260 recipes and variations featuring those ingredients, learn to harness the power of your pantry to make dishes extraordinary. Undeniably inspiring yet also happily pragmatic, The Modern Larder will change your approach to cooking and elevate your everyday meals.

“I love the thinking behind The Modern Larder, that the starting point for your meal can be the ingredients already in your larder, your fridge, your cupboards at home. Michelle’s larder celebrates both the ingredients we already know and love to use but also champions those which don’t spend enough time in the limelight. I’m inspired to reach again for my bottle of verjus, to seek out more bee pollen, to reclaim my schmaltz!”—Yotam Ottolenghi, author of Plenty, Jerusalem, and Flavor

The Modern Larder is a wealth of knowledge for anyone seeking flavorful, interesting, and fuss-free food. Michelle sheds new light on the culinary possibilities of familiar and unfamiliar ingredients that make up a well-stocked larder. After a deep dive into what ingredients to keep on hand, the book continues with an abundance of delectable recipes that will make you ravenous. Both inspirational and informative, Michelle promises that once you have a few hard-working ingredients in your larder, your cooking will be more exciting and irreversibly better—I couldn’t agree more!”—Amy Chaplin, author of Whole Food Cooking Every Day

“I love to cook from the pantry, and The Modern Larder helps make that easier than ever. Michelle’s recipes are elegant and fun, sophisticated yet accessible. A terrific resource for the home cook who wants to take it up a notch without feeling intimidated.”—Mark Bittman, author of How to Cook Everything

The Modern Larder is a thoughtful study of the most oft-neglected space in our kitchens: the pantry. Michelle provides a treatise on stocking your shelves with consideration and then invites home cooks to enjoy the gratifying practice of utilizing those ingredients in everyday cooking—for example, the Fried Shishitos with Dancing Bonito lives up to the poetry of its name. Both useful and inspirational, this book feels made for this moment.”—Tara O’Brady, author of Seven Spoons

“It’s no surprise that Michelle McKenzie has applied her considerable smarts to this brilliant, beautiful tome. Minimalist and deeply alluring at once, The Modern Larder is the kind of book I will proudly display like art, but dip into again and again for inspiration, wisdom, and recipes so good I want to make every one.” —Sarah Copeland, author of Every Day is Saturday, Feast, and Instant Family Meals 

 “Michelle McKenzie’s new book delights in the everyday celebration of diverse cultural flavors, beauty, and deliciousness. Her recipes are lucid and encourage exploration. I was thrilled to find more than a dozen Japanese ingredients in the pages of The Modern Larder, including bonito flakes, miso, shio koji, and umeboshi, along with useful tips for incorporating these flavors into your everyday cooking. This book, enhanced by Rick Poon’s breathtaking photography, is definitely one that I will return to again and again.”—Sonoko Sakai, author of Japanese Home Cooking


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