Sushi Specials

Fresh, homemade sushi—healthy and delicious.

A mouth-watering follow-up to the successful Sushi: The Beginner’s Guide, this new collection for the experienced sushi crafter offers recipes for more than 50 fabulous dishes, delicious in taste and delightful to the eye.

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Ruhlman’s How to Roast

Humankind has been roasting for millennia. The term originally referred to cooking over an open fire, usually on some kind of spit, and has evolved to describe cooking of meat or vegetables or even fruit in an oven, a “dry heat” (and usually high-heat) method of making things irresistibly appetizing.

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All About Roasting

Her 150 recipes feature the full range of dishes from beef, lamb, pork, and poultry to seafood and vegetables. Showstoppers include porchetta ingeniously made with a loin of pork, a roast goose with potato-sage stuffing, and a one-hour beef rib roast-dishes we’ve dreamed of making, and that Molly makes possible with her precise and encouraging instructions.

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