Alex Prud'homme
Marlene Matar
Memory of Bread
Paul Graham
Food and the City
Ina Yalof
Korean Food Made Simple
Judy Joo
fast food
Jon Hein
v is for vegetables
Michael Anthony, Dorothy Kalins
Mad Feast
Matthew Gavin Frank
Fire andd Ice2
Darra Goldstein
Pierre Thiam
New Taco
Lorena Garcia
Paw Paw
Andrew Moore
Foreword by Michael W. Twitty

New Prairie
Summer Miller
Photographs by Dana Damewood
Vegan Street
Adam Sobel
fed white and blue
Simon Majumdar
Foreword by: Alton Brown
Eting Viet Nam
Graham Holliday
mastering the art
Ann Mah
The American Plate
Libby O'Connell PHD
The Great Lobster Cookbook
Matt Dean Pettit
new England
Jeremy Sewall and Erin Byers Murray,
Foreword by Barton Seaver, Photographed by Michael Harlan Turkell