A Chef's OdysseyAn autobiographical cookbook

Growing up in the lush Loire Valley of France, a young Guy Reuge became curious about the wonderful smells and tastes coming from his mother’s kitchen. At the age of fourteen, his curiosity led him to begin a three-year culinary apprenticeship in a neighboring town. Then, after a year of compulsory military duty as personal chef to the director of the École Polytechnique in Paris, twenty-one-year-old Guy – who could barely speak English – traveled to New York and quickly rose up the culinary ranks to serve presidents and celebrities and everyday dining guests whether in a restaurant setting, a private residence or on a yacht. In this engaging memoir, join Guy as he explores all that the culinary world has to offer a passionate and committed chef. A Chef’s Odyssey will take you on an insider’s tour of restaurants with all their attendant challenges, accomplishments, jealousies and intrigues. And as you read, savor the many personal recipes he shares from around the world and from his own kitchens.

Guy Reuge is a Master Chef who owned Mirabelle Restaurant on Long Island for almost three decades after working in some of the finest restaurants in New York, Paris and Freiburg, Switzerland. Guy is a member of the select Association des Maîtres Cuisiniers de France and won the culinary world’s coveted Toque d’Argent (Silver Toque) in 2006. Guy was appointed the same year by the French Ministry of Agriculture as a Chevalier du Mérite Agricole, one of the nation’s highest culinary distinctions. Guy is now Executive Chef of Mirabelle Restaurant and the Mirabelle Tavern at the Three Village Inn in Stony Brook, New York and heads up catering arm Mirabelle Private Events. The New York Times rated the restaurant “Don’t Miss” while Newsday called it “Exceptional.” Guy is a passionate promoter of French culinary arts and a respected philanthropist. He lives with his wife Maria in Stony Brook where he continues to design custom seasonal menus for locals, tourists and celebrities.

“It is always an inspiration reading about the path of a French Chef who crossed the Atlantic to settle and succeed in America. Guy Reuge’s recipes are heartwarming, inspired and local yet very French”Daniel Boulud, Chef/Owner, The Dinex Group

“What a pleasure to read this book! It’s the story of a boy in France with a dream to become a chef and it follows him along the rocky road to finally become a great, successful chef-restaurateur in America. It’s nice that Guy Reuge shares his fame with his wife Maria, for wives of chefs are too often left in the shadows. The recipes in the book, classic French with a modern touch, are wonderfully detailed and reflect Guy’s distinctive personal style.” Andre Soltner

“As someone who was privileged to work with Guy at La Tulipe in the early Eighties, I was delighted to learn the rest of his story. Now I understand just how he evolved from classical French chef to modern-day culinary wizard and restaurateur. Believe me, it’s an adventure, a great read for anyone fascinated by what goes on behind the swinging doors of a restaurant kitchen…. Where the magic happens.” Sara Moulton Chef/Author PBS Cooking Show Host

“A Chef’s Odyssey is a charming and very personal memoir and cookbook by French chef Guy Reuge. From the simple, straightforward recipes of his youth to the sophisticated recipes he made at La Tulipe in New York City and later at Mirabelle, he vividly brings back memories of a time when French cooking rules the New York restaurant scene.” Jacques Pepin Teacher, Author and PBS Cooking Show Host