Bacona SAVOR THE SOUTH® cookbook

From the earliest days of European settlement in the South, as in many rural economies around the globe, cured pork became a main source of sustenance, and the cheaper, lower-on-the-hog cuts–notably, bacon–became some of the most important traditional southern foodstuffs. In this cookbook, Fred Thompson captures a humble ingredient’s regional culinary history and outsized contributions to the table. Delicious, of course, straight out of the skillet, bacon is also special in its ability to lend a unique savory smokiness to an enormous range of other foods.

Today, for regular eaters and high-flying southern chefs alike, bacon has achieved a culinary profile so popular as to approach baconmania. But Thompson sagely notes that bacon will survive the silliness. Describing the many kinds of bacon that are available, Thompson provides key choices for cooking and seasoning appropriately. The book’s fifty-six recipes invariably highlight and maximize that beloved bacon factor, so appreciated throughout the South and beyond (by Thompson’s count, fifty different styles of bacon exist worldwide). Dishes range from southern regional to international, from appetizers to main courses, and even to a very southern beverage. Also included are Thompson’s do-it-yourself recipes for making bacon from fresh pork belly in five different styles.

Fred Thompson, well-known cookbook author and editor of Edible Piedmont magazine, is the author of Fred Thompson’s Southern Sides: 250 Dishes That Really Make the Plate, among other books.

“Fred Thompson is a fine culinary teacher who explains the different types of bacon and how they vary by region and country with precision. I’m impressed by the range and sheer deliciousness of his recipes: everything from vegetable dishes to mac and cheese, a BLT, seafood, and a wonderful-sounding bacon pizza. His instructions for smoking your own bacon and making your own bacon jam ought to be issued to every American to ensure the successful pursuit of happiness.”
–Jim Auchmutey, author of The Class of ’65: A Student, A Divided Town, and the Long Road to Forgiveness

“A worthy addition to the Savor the South series, Fred Thompson’s Bacon features a grand collection of crowd-pleasing recipes and opens doors for cooks to understand the somewhat complex subject of bacon–the world beyond the prepacked bacon section at the local supermarket.”
–Carroll Leggett, food writerx