Caribbean EasyRecipes from the Rum Islands

Caribbean Easy is a colorful collection of fresh and easy, contemporary recipes. Executive chef, Masterchef alumni, and food writer Shivi Ramoutar will take you on an adventure that draws upon the vibrant influences from the melting pot that is the Caribbean, from East Indian to West African, Chinese, European, American, and the indigenous Amerindians. The word “Caribbean” tends to bring to mind the clichés of an idyllic holiday. But when “Caribbean” and “food” are thrown together in a sentence, we tend to think “Jerk Chicken, Rice and Peas” or “Mutton Curry.” Both are delicious but they are just fragments of the whole story. Shivi’s approach takes the current trend among home cooks to eat lighter and fresher food and combines it with her craving for satisfyingly homely food—with all the excitement and exotic flavor of a faraway place. Recipes range from Caribbean-style versions of well-loved and familiar foods—for example, Baked eggs creole to Spice-crusted squid with lemon aioli—as well as her favorite street food recipes—Bake & “Shark” fish burger, Paradise prawns—and not forgetting Peanut Butter and Jelly Cheesecake, Coconut Frosted Banana Cake, and a Trinidadian Rum Punch. Food is the centerpiece of all Caribbean life. No matter how many people turn up at your home at no matter what hour of the night, there is always someone gravitating towards the kitchen to whip up some food. There is always more than enough to go around, and yet not a single scrap remains by the time the last person leaves. Nothing ever goes to waste.

Shivi Ramoutar is currently carving a space for herself as “the contemporary Caribbean cook,” and is featured in national papers and foodie magazines, including Delicious and the Guardian. Shivi is a popular presence at food festivals and pop-ups in London and will be teaching a Caribbean class at the Divertimenti Cookery School in London. Shivi was also a contestant on Masterchef in 2013.

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