Catfisha Savor the South® cookbook

While many fish, from bream and crappie to bass, trout, and shad, are popular in the South, none of them has settled as thoroughly in southern culture as the humble, bewhiskered, bottom-dwelling catfish.

For Memphis natives Paul and Angela Knipple, enjoying “that steamy sweet white meat encased in golden crisp cornmeal was just a part of our childhoods.” In this Savor the South® cookbook, the Knipples share their family memories of catching and eating this favored southern food. Painting a portrait of catfish’s culinary and natural history, along with its place in southern foodways and the Delta fishing industry, the Knipples also provide clear instructions for how to select, prepare, and cook the fish.

Showcased are fifty-six recipes highlighting catfish’s remarkable versatility–from such southern classics as Catfish Po’Boys and Catfish Gumbo to the global flavors of Catfish Bánh Mì and Nigerian Catfish Stew. Worth the price of admission are the recipes for fried catfish five ways, along with recipes for all the traditional sides, including slaw, hushpuppies, and tartar sauce–all you’ll need to cook a plate worthy of a real southern fish shack.

Paul and Angela Knipple are coauthors of The World in a Skillet: A Food Lover’s Tour of the New American South and Farm Fresh Tennessee. Frequent contributors to Edible Memphis and other periodicals, they live in Memphis.

“Finally, a real deal book about catfish by people who know what they’re talking about!”
–Lynn Hewlett, owner, Taylor Grocery & Restaurant, Taylor, Mississippi

“I’m so pleased that Catfish is now in the Savor the South® cookbook collection. The Knipples explain that sustainability in sourcing catfish is possible and important–people can feel doubly good about eating it!”
–Miriam Rubin, author of Tomatoes: A Savor the South® Cookbook

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