Book Coconut. Ginger. Shrimp. Rum. Caribbean Flavors for Every Season

Enjoy these savory, sweet, and always authentic edible treasures. 

The recipes in this book will highlight seasonal bounties and four major Caribbean flavors, resulting in a basketful of healthy recipes (many vegetarian), which the author refers to as “edible treasures.” This innovative cookbook presents a new way to look at the four seasons through four ingredients that are integral to Caribbean flavors and culture, but available everywhere. Coconut, ginger, shrimp, and rum each boast unique health benefits, but are still simple and fundamental ingredients that will take any cook through the year, and especially highlighting seasonal ingredients!

The book is divided into four seasons, and each of those is divided into “Light Fare,” “Mains,” “To Sip,” and “Sweets.” Recipes include:

• Coconut spiced cashews
• White coconut gazpacho
• Rum buttered jerk wings
• Spring pea and ginger risotto
• Rhubarb & ginger challah
• Salsa verde coconut rice
• Grilled strawberry ginger shortcake
• Garlicky parmesan shrimp & fava bean ravioli
• Poached pear negroni

Brigid Washington is a chef and journalist. She was Editor-in-Chief of the Culinary Institute of America monthly publication, Mise en Place, for whom she continues to write on a project basis. Raised in Trinidad and Tobago with the food and spirit of the West Indian table, but Brigid’s first language is modern American food, focusing on vegetables prepared in new and innovative ways.

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