Easy Indian CookingSecond Edition

Suneeta’s repertoire of 150 exciting and inspired recipes includes classic recipes from northern and southern India, as well as her personal favorites, all of which have been adapted for North American kitchens. These savory and tantalizing dishes bring the innovative flavors of India to your home.

Indian cooking is an exciting cuisine, and now it’s easier to make than ever.


This new edition of Suneeta’s first release features 8 additional photos, as well as 30 all-new recipes. All of the dishes are richly flavored but are not complicated to create at home.


The recipes are easy for beginners to make, while also appealing to experienced home cooks and those already familiar with Indian cuisine. You’ll be absolutely delighted and amazed by the authentic flavor of these easy-to-prepare recipes.


Armed with the delicious recipes in this book and some aromatic Indian spices, you can prepare everything from snacks and appetizers to poultry, fish and vegetarian meals. There are also chapters dedicated to accompaniments, such as chutneys, sweets and beverages, so you can create a truly authentic Indian dining experience.


Suneeta shares her wealth of Indian cooking experience and knowledge by providing insightful cooking tips throughout the book. Whether you already love Indian cooking or are thinking about giving it a try, this is the perfect place to start

Suneeta Vaswani, born in Bombay, (Mumbai), came upon her culinary career almost by happenstance. When she moved to the United States, she had to adapt to being able to not only provide family meals, but being able to turn out glorious food for friends and family as is the Indian tradition. When her North American friends, who had lived in India and grown to love the food, requested to learn how to prepare the incredible Indian dishes Suneeta was making, what started out as a hobby quickly morphed into formal classes in cooking schools.


Suneeta is the owner of Suneeta’s Indian Cuisine, a food company that makes and markets chutneys. She has trained chefs in restaurants, developed, tested recipes and consulted on Indian food with a number of organizations, is past president of Houston Culinary Guild, a board member of Asia Society Texas, and a member of International Association of Culinary Professionals. Suneeta has been featured in national magazines such as Bon Appétit and has written articles for Fine Cooking, and Washington Post amongst others. She is the author of Easy Indian Cooking and Complete Book of Indian Cooking.

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