GatherEveryday Seasonal Food from a Year in Our Landscapes

Gather is a cookbook that celebrates simplicity and nature, both in ingredients and cooking styles. Head Chef at River Cottage for 10 years, Gill Meller showcases 120 brand new recipes inspired by the landscapes in which he lives and works. Featuring chapters on foods from Garden, Farm, Field, Seashore, Orchard, Harbor, and Woodland, Gill gently guides the reader through simple recipes, with no need for obscure ingredients or complicated cooking. With great food at its heart, Gather is the most contemporary of cookbooks, with photography that captures a year of the best cooking and eating.

GILL MELLER is a chef, food writer, author, food stylist, and cooking teacher. He has been working closely with Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall. Gill appears regularly on television cooking alongside Hugh, produces recipe videos for the River Cottage Food Tube channel and teaches at the River Cottage Cookery School. He has contributed to many of the River Cottage cookbooks and authored The River Cottage Handbook in 2015, as well as writing and contributing to many international publications.

“Beautiful writing, beautiful food: this is an exquisite book that I cannot stop reading; and every recipe makes me consider ingredients and flavors afresh and beckons me into the kitchen.” – Nigella Lawson

“Just stunning. There’s no one I’d rather cook for me than Gill – and there’s not a recipe here that I wouldn’t eagerly devour.” – Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall

“In both cooking and writing, Gill Meller has a unique and honest voice. He’s an original.” – Diana Henry

“Gill Meller encourages us not only to embrace our landscape, but to explore what is growing out there, to enjoy it, and to turn it into something delicious. This is a truly beautiful book.” – René Redzepi

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