Is This A Cookbook?Adventures in the Kitchen


A culinary adventure from three-time James Beard Award-winning, Michelin-starred chef Heston Blumenthal-but is it a cookbook?

Well, it’s full of Heston’s typically marvelous recipes like pea and ham soup-in-a-sandwich and bacon and egg porridge, popcorn popcorn chicken and (r)ice cream. But in Heston’s kitchen, to cook is to embark on a journey of quantum gastronomy: exploring the palate, feeding the inner child, and plunging headfirst through the plate and into the soul.

Each of the 70 simple, straightforward recipes is accompanied by Heston’s stories, insights, and hacks, turning each cooking session into a journey-and revealing a whole world of culinary possibilities and fresh perspectives. Brought to life by the incredible illustrations by Dave McKean, Heston’s long-term collaborator and one of the greatest illustrators at work today, Is This A Cookbook? is the next best thing to having Heston as your sous-chef.
Why not take him along as your adventure partner, too?

Entirely self-taught, Heston Blumenthal is the most progressive chef of his generation. In 2004 he won the coveted three Michelin stars in near-record time for his restaurant The Fat Duck, which has twice been voted the Best Restaurant in the World by an international panel of 500 experts. In 2006 he was awarded an OBE.

This will delight folks looking to dabble in gastronomy without five-star efforts. . . Dave McKean, Blumenthal’s longtime collaborator, provides quirky illustrations that reflect the playfulness of the recipes. . . Cookbook readers will enjoy how the narrative seems plucked from Blumenthal’s mind with little thoughts and tips deposited between recipes in illustrations. . . Perfect as an introduction to gastronomy, Blumenthal’s quirky and readable book will delight fans and create new ones. – Library Journal

Notoriously progressive chef Heston Blumenthal turns each into a creative cooking journey colorfully guided by illustrator Dave McKean. It is a cookbook. But also more. – Epicurious

[The recipes] evoke childlike playfulness … McKean’s trippy sepia-toned ink drawings that appear throughout will put readers in mind of John Tenniel’s Alice in Wonderland images. This heady ode to the joy of intuitive cooking is a tasty head trip. – Publishers Weekly

Dreamlike… His sorta-cookbook stirs up inspiration and helps us think about flavor-and the experience of eating-differently. It’s trippy like that… It’d make an unexpected and great gift for curious, science-minded cooks, or pro chefs who like to get a little weird. – Bon Appetit, “Best Cookbooks of 2022”


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