Make It FancyCooking at Home With Sad Papi

Take your home recipes and techniques to the next level with TikTok sensation and professional chef Sad Papi.

When Brandon Skier first created Sad Papi (@Sad_Papi) and started posting cooking videos to TikTok, he’d just lost his job as a chef at the beginning of the pandemic. He’d spent ten years working in the kitchen of some of the top restaurants in Los Angeles—learning all the secrets of the business, understanding how chefs take cooking to the next level and, as Brandon says, how to “make it fancy.” By the time his videos started going viral, his black hoodie, backwards baseball cap, and tattoos had become his signature. Soon after, he was listed among the rising cooking social media stars in The New York Times.

Just like his addicting videos, Make it Fancy teaches you how you can cook like a professional chef and elevate meals in a doable way—all while having fun in the kitchen. Before long, you’ll be coming up with your own ways to enjoy staple and main dish recipes for unusual dishes like:

  • Lime Leaf Peanuts
  • Burnt Onion Powder
  • Pistachio Dukkah
  • Preserved Lemon Vinaigreette
  • Puffed Beef Tendon
  • Brussel Sprouts with Chorizo Breadcrumbs
  • Duck Confit with Mole Poblano
  • Pork Chop with Fennel Pollen and Pear Mostarda
  • And more!

For cooks who want to understand why restaurant food is so delicious, Make it Fancy will quickly earn a place on their kitchen bookshelf.

Brandon Skier was born and raised in Los Angeles, California, and worked in restaurants for over ten years until the pandemic. He then created his Sad Papi brand and gathered millions of followers across platforms sharing restaurant-style recipes that can easily be made at home. He has since been featured in The New York Times, Los Angeles Times, BBC, Fast Company, and Paper magazine. Brandon has also worked closely with brands on partnerships such as Made In cookware, Hedley & Bennett, and Zwilling. He lives in Los Angeles, California.

“Advanced home cooks looking to dazzle a dinner party will want to check this out.”Publishers Weekly


“Just like Brandon’s videos, the steps in Make It Fancy are approachable and easy to understand—and also like Brandon’s videos, they lead you to immaculate, showstopping dishes that will leave you stunned and filled with a sense of accomplishment. This is the type of cookbook I wish I could have grown up with.”—Jon Kung, @jonkung, author of Kung Food: Chinese American Recipes from a Third-Culture Kitchen

“In a world of social media chefs and online content, it’s rare to find someone who has the cooking skills, knowledge, and, most important, creativity to inspire the next generation of chefs and home cooks. Make It Fancy is a great resource for not only seasoned cooks but also aspiring home cooks.”—Joe Sasto, Food Network personality and author

“Sad Papi is about to make your taste buds happy with this one. Make It Fancy is truly innovative and unveils a treasure trove of new kitchen essentials, empowering home cooks to effortlessly elevate everyday dishes into delicious and fancy—yet achievable—meals.”—Owen Han, creator and author

“Life will never be bland again with Skier’s elevated, inventive, and, above all, flavorful recipes. Your friends will think you’ve secretly graduated from culinary school.”—Tessa Arias, founder of

“Yet again, Brandon has managed to surprise me with his simple and accessible approach to complicated and typically intangible methods. His pantry recipes are must-haves to transform every dish into an extraordinary masterpiece. YASSS!”—BenGingi, baker, chef, and author

“This book is for your inner chef, packed with mouthwatering recipes, helpful tips, and a whole lot of culinary magic!”—Tue Nguyen, @twaydabae, chef and co-owner of DiDi, Los Angeles

“I’ve had the pleasure of enjoying Brandon’s food firsthand, and his years of fine dining experience really show through in his cooking because he makes even the simplest salad taste so special. The level of care he puts into preparing every single ingredient makes the final product so delicious. His cookbook breaks down his best kitchen techniques to help you level up your cooking, no matter how much experience you have.”—Remy Morimoto Park, @veggiekins, author of Sesame, Soy, Spice: 90 Asian-ish Vegan and Gluten-Free Recipes to Reconnect, Root, and Restore

“It’s great to see Brandon’s growth from his time with us as a cook at Redbird to his first cookbook. I love that his recipes take a clean, concise, to-the-point approach, while still remaining descriptive and entertaining.”—Neal Fraser, chef and owner of Redbird, Los Angeles

“Instead of yet another cookbook aimed at making basic or quick meals, Skier’s volume takes it up a notch with usual ingredients and combinations to bring the fancy fine-dining experience home.”—Aspasia Luster, Library Journal Life

“For anyone who is looking to level up their cooking game with fancy techniques that they’ve seen in their favorite restaurants, Make It Fancy is a great place to start.”Eater

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