Mug Cakes 100 Speedy Microwave Treats to Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth

Satisfy your sweet tooth instantly with a microwave cake baked in a mug. So if you’ve got five minutes to spare, grab a mug, mix up a mug cake, and satisfy your sweet tooth ASAP!

Mug Cakes contains one hundred recipes that are ready in a matter of minutes! Why reach for store-bought mix that takes up to an hour to bake? Let Mug Cakes show you how to make a quick, tiny batter to mix in a mug with a fork! They are the perfect personal serving size when you don’t feel like baking an entire cake.


With dozens of mouthwatering recipes, there is something to please every taste. It’s all here, from basic Buttermilk Cake to fancy Chocolate Caramel Fleur de Sel. Let the kids try their hand at S’mores and Root Beer Float cakes. Then send them to bed and try the liquor-infused recipes from the Adults Only chapter. There are recipes for cake lovers with special dietary needs, and even noncake recipes like mug puddings, pies, and cheesecakes, when you get tired of cake (yes…it can happen!).


LESLIE BILDERBACK is a Certified Master Baker and a graduate of the California Culinary Academy. She began her career as a pastry chef, and played a major role in several of California’s most well-regarded and innovative restaurants, including Sedona, Postrio, Zola’s, Angeli, and Georgia. She is also the author of eight books in The Complete Idiot’s Guide and Everything series. Leslie has been profiled by The New York Times, San Francisco Chronicle, and Culinary Trends Magazine, and was a winner in season three of Food Network’s Sweet Genius.

“What could be more fun than making a superfast delicious cake in a CUP? Mug cakes! The concept is utterly unintimidating! As a pastry chef I appreciate what a brilliant idea Leslie Bilderback has hatched—easy recipes that promise sweet comfort and instant reward. There’s room for creativity in her quick delectable recipes. Grab a cup and make a cake!”

–Janet Rikala Dalton, former executive pastry chef of Wolfgang Puck’s Postrio and dessert consultant

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