One Sheet Eats100+ Delicious Recipes All Made on a Baking Sheet

One Sheet Eats simplifies home cooking by giving over 100 recipes that are all made in a baking sheet (or two). It shows home cooks how a baking sheet is the only piece of cookware or bakeware needed to make crave-worthy and good-for-you entrées, side dishes, desserts, pizzas, breads, and more, giving plenty of cooking tips and baking sheet advice along the way. 

Recipes crafted for simple, clutter-free, and satisfying cooking

Forget all other pots, pans, and baking dishes! Each of the 100+ recipes contained in the enclosed cookbook require only one type of bakeware or cookware-a baking sheet. One Sheet Eats is dedicated to simplifying home cooking. (Because who doesn’t want to make meal prep easier?) By using a baking sheet (sometimes two) and a few prep items found in most kitchens such as mixing bowls, a blender, a microwave, and a wire rack, anyone can make delicious, flavorful, and filling dishes for lunch, dinner, and even snack time and dessert. Mouth-watering examples include; Sweet Potato and Chorizo Sausage Bites, Mixed Vegetable Shakshuka and Chocolate Tacos with Ice Cream and Peanuts!

With over 100 beautiful photographs plus a primer on essential baking sheet information, One Sheet Eats is sure to make any home cook a home kitchen hero.