Recipes from an Edwardian Country HouseA Stately English Home Shares Its Classic Tastes

A nostalgic culinary pilgrimage, rediscovering the sort of classic, robust, wholesome food that would have emerged from the kitchen of an Edwardian country house like Downton Abbey.


In this attractive cookbook, Jane Fearnley-Whittingstall takes us on a nostalgic culinary pilgrimage, rediscovering classic recipes from the Edwardian kitchen.


With delicious dishes, brought up-to-date for modern cooks and delightfully informed by reminiscences from Jane’s childhood, this is much more than a cookbook—it offers a slice of gastronomic history, reviving the flavors from the world of Downton Abbey.


As Jane writes in her introduction, “This book offers a trip down memory lane for my generation, and for my children’s generation, practical ideas for everyday, easy cooking for hungry, active families. It also sets out to pass on traditional recipes from my Edwardian forbears to the next generation before they are forgotten. Cooking with your family is immensely rewarding. It is shared fun, and introduces them to the deep creative satisfaction of preparing, cooking, and eating good food together. Not a bad legacy.”


The book is organized by Breakfast, Sunday Lunch, Monday Left-overs, Mid-week Meals, Fish on Friday, Saturday Stews, Vegetable Dishes and Salads, Teatime, Soups, Starters and Savories, Puddings, and Treats and Sweets, and includes recipes for such classic British foods as: Kedgeree, Bubble and Squeak, Cornish Pasties, Pease Pudding, Crusty Sponge Cake, Marinated Kipper Fillets, Bramley Burnt Creams, Treacle Tart, and Ginger Beer.


Jane Fearnley-Whittingstall is the bestselling author of The Good Granny Guide, The Good Granny Cookbook, and The Pocket Book of Good Grannies and has written many books on plants and gardening. A grandmother of five and the mother of TV chef Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall, she lives with her husband in Gloucestershire.

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