Somebody Feed Phil the Book Untold Stories, Behind-the-Scenes Photos and Favorite Recipes

The ultimate collection of must-have recipes, stories, and behind-the-scenes photos from the beloved Netflix show Somebody Feed Phil.

Phil Rosenthal, host of the beloved Netflix series Somebody Feed Phil, really loves food and learning about global cultures, and he makes sure to bring that passion to every episode of the show. Whether he’s traveling stateside to foodie-favorite cities such as San Francisco or New Orleans or around the world to locations like Saigon, Tel Aviv, Rio de Janeiro, Mexico City, or Marrakesh, Rosenthal includes a healthy dose of humor to every episode—and now to this book.

In Somebody Feed Phil the Book, Rosenthal presents never-before-heard stories from every episode of the first four seasons of the series, along with more than sixty of viewers’ most requested recipes from acclaimed international chefs and local legends alike (including Rosenthal’​s favorite sandwich finds from San Francisco to Tel Aviv), so you can replicate many of the dishes from the show right at home. There are also “scripts” from some of Rosenthal’s video phone calls from the road with his family making this the ultimate companion guide for avid fans of the show as well as armchair travelers and adventurous at-home chefs.

Phil Rosenthal is the creator and host of the Emmy-nominated Somebody Feed Phil, an unscripted documentary series on Netflix, which combines his love of food and travel with his unique brand of humor. Rosenthal was born in Queens, New York, and raised in Rockland County. After graduating from Hofstra University on Long Island, where he majored in theater, he embarked on a career as an actor, writer, and director. In 1996, Rosenthal created the hit CBS comedy, Everybody Loves Raymond. He was the Showrunner/Executive Producer for all nine years of the show’s very successful run, which ended in 2005. Everybody Loves Raymond was nominated for over seventy Emmy Awards and won fifteen awards, including two for Best Comedy Series in 2003 and 2005. In April 2011, Rosenthal wrote, directed, and starred in his first feature film, Exporting Raymond, the true story about the attempt to turn Everybody Loves Raymond into a Russian sitcom, and it was met with critical acclaim. Rosenthal’s first travel food series, I’ll Have What Phil’s Having, premiered on PBS in 2015 and received two Taste Awards as well as the 2016 James Beard Award for Best Television Program, on Location. Rosenthal lives in Los Angeles with his wife, actress Monica Horan (who played Amy on Everybody Loves Raymond), and their two children.

“Wherever I travel, be it a different state, country, or continent, I always call Phil when I need to know where and what to eat. He’s the food guru of the world. You can have that same information, folks! I can’t give you his phone number, but this book is just as good. It’s probably better, because when he’s on the phone he never shuts up.” Ray Romano

Somebody Feed Phil the Book is the best thing since sliced bread . . . baked on the outskirts of Porto.” —Yotam Ottolenghi

“What could be more delightful than watching Phil travel and eat around the world? Trying the amazing meals ourselves, of course. I can’t wait to dive in.”Gwyneth Paltrow

“I’ve been lucky enough to dine with Phil Rosenthal, and the man has great taste—he’s a true enthusiast and culinary adventurer. And now his favorite global recipes are in one cookbook? Sign me up.” —Norman Lear

Somebody Feed Phil the Book is an exploration into the spectacular culinary journey of the show. The only thing better than traveling with Phil is getting fed like Phil, and now you can do both!” —Michael Solomonov

Somebody Feed Phil the Book captures everything wonderful about food and travel, showcasing not only the work of high-end chefs but also the food of the people. I can’t wait to try the recipes that brought the author so much joy.”—Jane Fonda

“Somehow, the enthusiasm my friend Phil Rosenthal has for food—and he has an extravagant level of enthusiasm—comes through in his terrific new book, Somebody Feed Phil the Book. That’s not easy to accomplish, but he does it. And the beauty of Phil’s delight about restaurants and food is that as enthusiastic as he gets, he never exaggerates. If he says something is downright incredible, it’s gonna be downright incredible. And this book, well, it’s downright incredible.” —Nancy Silverton

“This book should come with a warning label: Do Not Read on an Empty Stomach. Phil Rosenthal’s enthusiasm for great food is unmatched, and these recipes are showstoppers! I’d flag my favorites if it didn’t mean a bookmark on every single page.”—Allison Janney

“I met Phil in 2009 and literally thought, Is this the nicest man in the world? Then he made a TV show about a guy eating around the world, being the nicest man in the world, meeting the nicest people in the world. And now he’s written a book about a show about a guy who eats around the world that gives us all final proof that being nice to one another and breaking bread together is the nicest thing we all can do together in this world.” —Roy Choi

“Phil Rosenthal takes viewers around the world in his friendly and funny travel show, Somebody Feed Phil. This companion book delivers over 60 viewer-requested recipes as well as episode scripts, never-heard-before stories, and photography culled from his travels.” Epicurious

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