Spanish at HomeFeasts & sharing plates from Iberian kitchens

Discover the best-loved dishes of Spanish home-cooking.

Away from the tapas bars and eateries of Spain’s bustling cities, you’ll find another world of Spanish cuisine. From the inland mountainous regions and fiercely independent provinces of Basque Country and Catalonia, to the glittering coastlines of the Mediterranean and across to the Balearic Islands, Spanish at Home invites you into the heart of Spanish kitchens, to celebrate the dishes that the locals love to cook.

Learn about the stories behind some of Spain’s most loved food and cook according to your mood, whether you’re after a summer fiesta, an Iberian brunch, winter comforts or sweet dulces. Put together share plates of stuffed mussels and patatas bravas; gather around a roast chicken with chorizo stuffing or duck with roasted cherries; prepare a tomato or a pan-fried goat’s cheese salad for a balmy night; or fire up the barbecue and cook sardines over an open flame or wrap baby leeks in newspaper for a true Spanish experience.

Whether you’re looking to learn new and little-known recipes rarely seen outside of Spain, or you’re a seasoned Mediterranean cook, Spanish at Homeshares the best of what this unique cuisine has to offer.

Emma Warren has been sous chef to some of Australia’s biggest names including Philippa Sibley and Karen Martini. When she’s not working in some of Melbourne’s most famous restaurants she can be seen working as home economist extraordinaire to some of Australia’s best-loved celebrity chefs including Matt Preston. Emma earned her chef wings in Barcelona and is classically trained in Catalan cuisine. The Catalan Kitchen is her first book.

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