The Best Grilling Cookbook Ever WrittenEver Written By Two Idiots

We’re Mark Anderson and Ryan Fey, better known as the Grill Dads, and often seen on Food Network, Today Show and across social media. We live and cook by a very simple mantra: You can make literally anything on a grill.

We like to joke that people at home can look at us and say, “If these two idiots can do it, I can too.” We’re not trained chefs. We never attended culinary school. We’re home chefs. Backyard connoisseurs. Grill enthusiasts. Weekend warriors.

Grilling and barbecue are different. See, grills are a tool, a versatile heat source. BBQ, on the other hand, is a cuisine. We don’t concentrate on making great low-and-slow BBQ, although we do enjoy doing that from time to time. We’re here to show people how to use grills to cook anything and everything. From soups and salads to mains and appetizers—the grill is a multifaceted tool you can use to turn out inventive and delicious food with a kiss of smoke and fire.

We are incredibly proud to offer this cookbook as a roadmap to express yourself and experiment with different types of grills, cooking methods and cuisines—with recipes designed to help you grow into an outstanding home chef. We’ve filled it with simple, fun, delicious recipes that you can make as written or use as a guide to experiment on your own.

This cookbook was written for everyone, based on our philosophy that you, yes YOU, can make everything and anything on a grill.

Ryan Fey is the better looking half of The Grill Dads (the other guy is Mark) – Food Network Hosts, Today Show Regulars, Social Media Influencers, Spice Line Ninjas, Dad Lifestyle Marketing Experts

Mark and Fey are real-life best buds, dad joke enthusiasts, and food fanatics that have found their niche as entertainers on social media, as guests and hosts for television shows and featured acts for a variety of special events. They combine “buddy comedy” with approachability making them familiar, honest, genuine and down-to-earth. Both hail from the Midwest and have that “guy next door” appeal. Plus, from a cultural perspective, they embrace diversity and love to learn about new cultures and lifestyles while celebrating the unifying power of food.

They started their entertainer journey by winning Guy Fieri’s “Guy’s Big Project,” and hosts of two prime-time shows “The Grill Dads” and “Comfort Food Tour on Food Network.Previously, Fey was the co-founder of creative advertising agency Omelet, while Mark was a C-suite advertising executive and tour manager for major international musicians. Now, Mark and Fey have used their advertising chops to take their love of food and on-camera success to create a powerhouse modern-dad-focused lifestyle brand.

Mark Anderson started his career as an audio engineer and tour manager in the music business doing international tours with Maroon 5, Hole, All-American Rejects, Jennifer Hudson and several other American Idols. Next, he spent well over a decade in the advertising world with a focus on experiential. From here he decided to abandon the marketing world and move to Idaho to purchase a restoration company and start a new adventure as an entrepreneur. Somewhere in the middle of that he, along with his best friend Ryan Fey, created a show called “The Grill Dads” which was picked up by Food Network and syndicated in eleven countries. They’ve had 30 episodes of first-run television in the last two years as well as appearing as a regular cooking contributor on the Today Show and in other national press including People Magazine, the Wendy Williams Show, and other national and regional newspapers. Currently their spice line is in 3,200 stores nationwide with ACE Hardware.

“Who gave you my new phone number?” GUY FIERI

“I have no plans to read this book.” – JET TILA


“You two told me that if I did your podcast, you’d leave me alone.” – ROCCO DISPIRITO

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