Book TitleThe Brownie Diaries My Recipes for Happy Times, Heartbreak and Everything in Between

50 modern, mouthwatering recipes for the world’s favorite chocolatey treat.

Fun and user-friendly, The Brownie Diaries offers brownie-based solutions to all life’s challenges, big and small. From brownies for comfort, like the “Feeling Lonesome Tonight” brownie (an indulgent concoction made from pantry staples such as peanut butter and crumbled cookies), to brownies for celebration, such as the “I Think I Love You” Brownie (with raspberry cheesecake swirl), you’ll find the perfect brownie for every occasion among these pages. Stuck indoors on a rainy Sunday afternoon? There’s a brownie for that, too, along with brownie-inspired twists on classic recipes for cookies and ice-cream sundaes. Complete with a cocoa-dusted smattering of brownie trivia and quick-fixes to stop your brownies from sinking, The Brownie Diaries is the perfect book for brownie lovers everywhere.

Hyslop’s warm commentary on each brownie makes this more than simply a cookbook. It’s a book you want to read with a glass of wine or a cup of tea and reminisce about your first job, or that summer full of too many pina coladas, or even a first love. Whether you’re team fudgy brownie or cakey brownie, or all about the underrated chewy brownie, you’ll find recipes to love and plenty of laughs and lots of comfort in The Brownie Diaries. – Martha Stewart Living

Quite simply, it filled me with delight Nigella Lawson

Everything looks so indulgent and inviting, I want to dive in and grab a piece of those brownies. Not only does it look beautifully delicious, it also looks very comforting. Chetna Makan

A quirky ode to the humble chocolate dessert … For those who love a midnight splurge or a midday pick-me-up, this tasty collection delivers – Publishers Weekly

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