Book TitleThe Cook Book of All TimeRecipes, Stories, and Cooking Advice from a Neighborhood Restaurant

The first cookbook from Tyler and Ashley Wells, the husband-and-wife duo behind Los Angeles’ bustling, sought-after restaurant All Time, is a collection of 50 recipes for simple, market-driven food alongside some very earnest and hilarious story-telling.

Tyler and Ashley cook and share down-to-earth food that doesn’t require rules or fancy equipment. For them, cooking is about feeding people, using your senses, and leaning into life with humor and honesty. The couple’s approach to feeding people has won over their community in Los Feliz since they opened in 2018. The Cook Book of All Time includes 50 of the beloved neighborhood restaurant’s most iconic standout dishes:

  •     Fish with Crispy Rice
  •     Ashley’s Lamb Ragu
  •     The Big Steak Event
  •     The Good Ass Salad Dressing
  •     Sweet Potatoes
  •     The Salmon Bowl
  •     Chocolate Chip Cookies
  •     Betsy’s Cobbler
  •     Paul’s Chocolate Cake

There’s also lots of practical guidance and instruction for cooking fish, meat, vegetables, sauces, rice, beans, and making doughs. Imbued with Tyler’s unique approach and philosophy, real life experience, and favorite techniques, tools, and ingredients (in both imperial and metric measurements), the food is impressive yet totally achievable at home. 

Beyond the delicious recipes, The Cook Book of All Time is as enjoyable on the couch as it is in the kitchen. The essays will make you laugh out loud, possibly cry, and most certainly relate, and the photography could stand alone, it’s truly stunning. This book brings what makes All Time so special—and what the neighborhood of Los Feliz has been enjoying for years—into people’s homes all over the country.

Ashley B. Wells is a hospitality professional, wine expert, writer, and restaurant owner. A Southern California native, she forged her career in hospitality as an alternate path when print journalists became an endangered species, around the time she graduated from USC with a Master’s in print journalism. She’s run restaurants in Los Angeles for twelve years, has been named a Zagat 30 under 30, a Wine Enthusiast 40 under 40, and one of Bon Appétit’s top six to watch along the way. In 2014 she founded Pour This, an online wine shop and subscription service she owned and operated for five years. Her writing has been published in New York MagazineGrubStreet, Life & Thyme, Vice, Terre, and Pipette. Running service at the restaurant brings her joy, but when she’s not at All Time she’s probably riding a horse, reading, or with Hudson, the family’s lovable hound.

Tyler J. Wells loves cooking of course, and loves feeding people even more. He’s also worked as an auto mechanic, a bicycle messenger, a construction manager, and a carpenter. He oversees the food and coffee programs at All Time, and he’s also built the tables, made the shelves, ship-lapped the walls, and constructed and repaired nearly every corner of the restaurant he runs with his wife. He’s consulted around the country, providing turnkey direction, conception, and operational guidance for award-winning hospitality programs. Born in West Virginia, he is a genius at making and doing and fixing, starting fires and cooking on them, driving, and much more. He is a knowledge seeker, a romantic, and loves being outdoors.

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