THE LEAKED RECIPES COOKBOOKA collection of over 50 recipes found in the world's biggest email leaks and the stories behind them

This publication is presented in collaboration with the IDFA DocLab Research and Development program, initiated by the International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam (IDFA) and the Open Documentary Lab at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

The Leaked Recipes Cookbook is the result of a rigorous and systematic investigation by Demetria Glace through the major leaks of the past 15 years, focusing on the theme of cooking. Featuring Wikileaks and Hillary Clinton as well as the Pizzagate scandal and exchanges between staff from the world’s most influential companies (Enron, Sony), The Leaked Recipes Cookbook showcases over 50 recipes including the very best cookie and a “secret” barbecue sauce among many others. This is not just a cookbook. It’s an insight into office culture, politics, corruption, hacking, family and friendships. It’s time to cook the conspiracy.

“A cookbook that cuts through the thickets of paranoid web-spinning and overwhelmingly large files and personalizes big data by dishing up conspiracies.”  – Sukayna Powell, Elephant Magazine

“There is no more quintessentially twenty-first-century cookbook than Leaked Recipes, consisting as it does of cookery techniques, including those for ‘overnight oatmeal’ and ‘crabmeat imperial’, that its author, Demetria Gladstone, unearthed in major tranches of leaked emails.” – Seb Emina, The Happy Reader

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