True rye bread—the kind that stands at the center of northern and eastern European food culture—is something very special. With over 70 classic recipes, The Rye Baker introduces bakers to the rich world of rye bread from both the old world and the new. Award-winning author Stanley Ginsberg presents recipes spanning from the immigrant breads of America to rustic French pains de seigle, the earthy ryes of Alpine Austria and upper Italy, the crackly knäckebröds of Scandinavia, and the diverse breads of Germany, the Baltic countries, Poland, and Russia. Readers will discover dark, sour classic Russian Borodinsky; orange and molasses-infused Swedish Gotländ Rye; nearly black Westphalian Pumpernickel, which gets its musky sweetness from a 24-hour bake; traditional Old Milwaukee Rye; and bright, caraway-infused Austrian Country Boule

Rounding out this treasury are reader-friendly chapters on rye’s history, unique chemistry, and centuries-old baking methods. Advanced bakers will relish Stanley’s methods, ingredients, and carefully sourced recipes, while beginning bakers will delight in his clear descriptions of baking fundamentals. The Rye Baker is the definitive resource for home bakers and professionals alike.

Stanley Ginsberg, owner-proprietor of The New York Bakers, a seller of baking ingredients, received the IACP Jane Grigson Award for his first book, Inside the Jewish Bakery. A native New Yorker, he lives with his wife in San Diego.

“Rye breads are back, as they rightly should be. In The Rye Baker, Stanley Ginsberg has given us everything we need to know about this most misunderstood and fascinating grain, along with a complete collection of superb formulas for every variation of rye bread imaginable. This book is a must-have for all serious bread bakers; an instant classic.” — Peter Reinhart, author of Bread Revolution

“As a huge fan of baking with rye, I dug deep into Stanley’s illuminations on the history of the grain: a transporting story told through centuries of techniques employed to make the most of this hearty grain. The baking journey starts with the chemistry of sours, soakers, sponges, and scalds; then takes you around the world for a master class of the genre.” — Chad Robertson, author of Tartine Bread and owner of Tartine Bakery

“Among the profusion of recently published baking books, a fair bit of chaff has been mixed in with the grain. For Stanley Ginsberg, rye is the grain of choice, and his book The Rye Baker is a tall and healthy stalk. Although we disagree now and again (for instance, I personally do not endorse vital wheat gluten or clear flour), there is no doubt that Stanley has made an important and durable contribution, and I congratulate and thank him for his excellent work.” — Jeffrey Hamelman, bakery director, King Arthur Flour Company, and author of Bread: A Baker’s Book of Techniques and Recipes

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