The Salmon Sisters: Harvest & Heritage Seasonal Recipes and Traditions that Celebrate the Alaskan Spirit

Follow the Salmon Sisters as they celebrate the seasons through the food, traditions, and rituals of their Alaskan home. Lush photography, charming illustrations, 60 comforting recipes, and 40 rituals showcase and honor the untamed spirit, natural bounty, and seasonal rhythms of land and sea.

Open up the rich pages of Harvest & Heritage and step into another world. A landscape dotted with berries, wildflowers, and moose, an ocean rich with salmon, seafood, and kelp. A place of resilience and cherished traditions. While the landscape is vast, the community is tight-knit. This is the world of the Salmon Sisters and they are inviting you to join them through a year of changing seasons and comforting rituals. And yes, deeply satisfying food.

The cookbook is organized by season. In each section, readers will find:

  • Recipes ideal for the home cook
  • Illustrated rituals and traditions
  • Stories from Alaskan women on living and eating well 
  • A Solstice or Equinox menu to celebrate the seasonal harvest
  • Expansive and intimate photography 

The recipes and projects are delicious and satisfying. For example, forage spruce tips and make Spruce Tip Ice Cream. Jig for a halibut and then make Halibut Burgers with Wild Chimichurri. 

Emma Teal Laukitis and Claire Neaton, aka the Salmon Sisters, grew up on a homestead in Alaska’s remote Aleutian Islands, and they make their livelihood harvesting wild seafood from the pristine, bountiful waters around them. This luxe hardcover reflects their values and vision, with delicious recipes and lovely traditions that is seasonal eating and living at its best.

Emma Teal Laukitis and Claire Neaton grew up on a homestead called Stonewall Place on the Aleutian Islands of Alaska. They have worked on their family’s commercial fishing boats in the Bering Sea since they were young. Born from summers fishing with their family, Emma and Claire’s appreciation for their unique upbringing and for the sustainable fisheries became central to many of their pursuits. Emma studied art and English at Williams College and earned a master’s degree in design at the University of Washington, and Claire studied business and nutrition at the University of Vermont.

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