The Taco RevolutionOver 100 Traditional and Innovative Recipes to Master America's New Favorite Food

Everything you need to serve the perfect tacos for one, two, or twenty.

The Taco Revolution is the ultimate resource for preparing America’s new favorite dish. From the classic American taco and authentic Mexican recipes to the culinary curiosities of taco-stuffed shell pasta and chicken and waffle tacos, this book contains everything for beginners and old pros alike. Contents include:


Classic beef, chicken, pork, and fish favorites
Unique gems like the chicken cacciatore taco
Healthier taco seasoning and sauce recipes
Homemade taco shells finally made easy
How to host a successful taco party
What you should buy versus what you should make
And so much more!


Thoroughly researched and beautifully photographed with full-color photos, The Taco Revolution answers every question you ever had about this naturally gluten-free food, and all those you never thought to ask. With the mix-and-match options available between stuffings, seasonings, sauces, shells, and sides, the recipes in this book could provide unique taco dinners every night of the year!

Brandon Schultz is an author, editor, translator, and hoarder of books. He loves cooking, traveling, and discussing both, especially through lengthy email correspondence with his grandmother. He is unnaturally fond of tacos, and lives in Brooklyn, New York, with his partner, his dog, and his cat.

“This might be one of the best recipe books we’ve ever read.”


“It’s everything you need for a Mexican Fiesta!”


“The Taco Revolution by Brandon Schultz offers tacos with a twist, featuring innovative recipes that freshen up this south-of-the-border staple. . . . Delicious but easy-to-prepare recipes that will have you looking at tortillas in a whole new way.”


“After reading The Taco Revolution, I can honestly say, I had no clue what a taco was until I read this awesome book! It’s packed full of so many yummy recipes, each of which includes a full size detailed picture so you can see exactly what the dish should look like when prepared. . . . You’re sure to find plenty of recipes your palate will love!”

-Mizz Review Lady


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