The Vatican Cookbook500 Years of Classic Recipes, Papal Tributes, & Exclusive Images of Life and Art at The Vatican

From the pope’s table to yours . . .

The Pontifical Swiss Guard presents … a book like no other. From the elite protectors of the Popes and Defenders of the Faith for more than 500 years, a unique collection of exceptional recipes from simple to sublime, everyday staples to holiday feasts. Here are the classics served at Vatican tables for centuries and the finest of modern cuisine.

Best of all, we pay tribute to Pope Francis, Pope Benedict XVI, and Saint John Paul II with the personal favorite dishes from their homelands of Argentina, Bavaria, and Poland.

A marvelous cookbook and so much more. The Vatican Cookbook features superb photographs that take us behind the scenes to secret and special places of Vatican City. Walk the hallowed halls of St. Peter’s, the Vatican Museums, and the Sistine Chapel. Enjoy the stories and legends of the Swiss Guard handed down since the days of Michelangelo.

For all who love to cook and share meals with family and friends, and for all who are fascinated by the wonders and the grandeur of the Vatican, the Swiss Guard is pleased to offer you … The Vatican Cookbook.

For more than 500 years, this elite corps have been honored to serve as guardians of the Pope at the Vatican in Rome.

This book is a collaborative effort of professionals in every sense of the word, lead by accomplished chef David Geisser. Originally released in Switzerland in late 2014, the first edition sold out in weeks and was acclaimed as spectacular, an instant classic and the first Vatican cookbook in 2,000 years in worldwide media. Tagesanzeiger, the national Swiss daily paper, has compared David Geisser to Jamie Oliver, the brilliant British chef: “What distinguishes him, beyond extraordinary culinary skills, is his dedication to the task at hand, enhanced by a charming personality.” Other Guardsmen offers the reader a special inside look behind the walls of Vatican City through their eyes; which explores the intrigue of Vatican since the days of Michelangelo.

“Fabulous recipes, great stories and an absolutely gorgeous book. I keep moving it from the coffee table to the kitchen.” –Patricia Heaton The Middle, Food Network

“Has there ever been a cookbook with the favorite dishes of Popes and Saints, wrapped in the beauty of the Vatican? Well, there is now. Wow!” –Michael Symon The Chew, Iron Chef

“A wonderful book … Any home would be graced by a copy of Pontifical Swiss Guard presents The Vatican Cookbook. It is my hope this book will help people come together to share the goodness of the Lord.” –Cardinal Sean O’Malley Archbishop of Boston

“The only thing cooler than actually enjoying a meal with Pope Francis is making one of his personal favorite dishes at home — and with the upcoming Vatican Cookbook, you can do just that.” –People Magazine

“Want to eat like a pope? In The Vatican Cookbook, readers learn that Pope Francis is fond of Argentine dishes, Pope Benedict is partial to Bavarian sausage salad and Pope John Paul II enjoyed Polish pierogi…” –Yahoo News

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