From the Source: ThailandThailand's Most Authentic Recipes From the People That Know Them Best

“Thailand’s culinary heritage is remarkably localized,” reads the introduction in From the Source: Thailand, “but what doesn’t vary, no matter which region you find yourself in, is the Thai people’s emotional connection to food.”

Lonely Planet team Austin Bush and Mark Wiens sought out to capture that passion in From the Source: Thailand, taking readers on a culinary tour of the country – from the ancient cities of Lampang and Chiang Mai in the north, whose mild seasonal food, rich with bitter flavors, bears witness to the region’s relatively cool climate, to the beaches in the south, where seafood reigns supreme.

Featuring sour pork stir-fried with egg from the north, the classic green curry from central Thailand, and sour orange curry with fish and papaya from the south, From the Source: Thailand offers recipes rich in culture and significance to the communities where they’re found.

Austin Bush came to Thailand in 1999 as part of a language study program hosted by Chiang Mai University. The lure of city life, employment and spicy food eventually led Austin to Bangkok, and has kept him there since. Austin is a writer and photographer who often covers food, and has contributed to more than 25 titles for Lonely Planet, as well as several other media outlets. Samples of Austin’s work can be seen at
Mark Wiens bought a one-way ticket to Thailand after graduating from college in the US, with nothing on his schedule other than a hunger to eat as much as he could. A short trip to Southeast Asia turned into years of eating, traveling and discovery. Mark blogs about Thai food at and shares food adventures on

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