Gelato MessinaThe Recipes

Based on a back-to-basics approach with recipes made using entirely fresh ingredients, Gelato Messina will show how to make gelato in your own home just like the professionals. Gelato Messina is beautifully illustrated and fully photographic, filled with recipes to make any ice cream or gelato lover swoon. The book provides detailed instructions for creating the best possible gelato, with a comprehensive “basics” section, covering core ingredients, balancing and composition, and equipment and method, which will radically change the way you think about making gelato. The recipes—which include instructions for both domestic and professional methods—feature gelatos made from cream, yogurt, or dairy-free fruit bases, with flavors ranging from the more traditional to the playful and innovative. Try Dulce De Leche, Pear and Rhubarb, Poached Figs in Masala, or Salted Caramel and White Chocolate, or their more inventive creations, such as Elvis the Fat Years, a peanut butter and jelly fusion. These recipes will challenge everything you believed about ice cream, but the results will be worth it.

Nick Palumbo’s family hail from Messina in Sicily, where he learned the techniques and recipes behind some of the world’s best gelato. His ethos was to create the best gelato possible, using only the freshest ingredients all made from scratch. Once the individual flavors had been perfected, Nick and his team went on to invent the elaborate and wonderful flavor creations that the Gelato Messina stores are now so famous for. In 2011 he opened an ice cream lab, which is responsible for the ice cream works of art and single-serve cakes that fill Gelato Messina’s shop windows. He is set to open a Las Vegas store in 2014.

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