MaltaMediterranean Recipes From The Islands

Malta: Mediterranean recipes from the islands takes you to the spectacular archipelago between Italy and the North African coast with over 65 dishes showcasing the country’s vibrant cuisine.

Exploring his own family heritage, author Simon Bajada (Baltic, The New Nordic) captures Maltese food for the home cook, with recipes including ftira, a sourdough bread drenched in tomato, tuna and olives; aljotta soup, a flavour-packed brew of fish and garlic; and pastizzi, a deliciously addictive pastry.

Featuring breathtaking photography and evocative coastal landscapes, Malta is a stunning postcard from the heart of one of Europe’s most captivating hidden gems.

Simon Bajada is an Australian-born food and travel photographer and writer with Maltese heritage living in Sweden. He has authored four cookbooks – The New Nordic (2015), Nordic Light (2016), Baltic (2019), and Malta (2023). He has worked as a chef, food stylist, recipe developer and photographer and has a Diploma in International Hotel Management and a Diploma in Le Cordon Bleu cookery.

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