MoorishFlavours from Mecca to Marrakech

We want you to be able to use chermoula as readily as pesto, to be as comfortable with tagines as with casseroles. We want spices such as sumac and saffron to become as much a part of your repertoire as basil and rosemary.

Greg and Lucy Malouf have compiled this collection of mouth-watering recipes inspired by the flavours of North Africa, Spain, the Eastern Mediterranean and the Middle East – regions united by a common thread that winds its way back to Arabia. Starting with recipes for spice blends, dressings, relishes, pickles and preserves, you?ll be able to transform the most mundane ingredients into deliciously different snacks and soups, meat, vegetable and poultry dishes, and irresistible cakes and desserts.


Toss preserved lemon through risotto, or spice up a Sunday lamb roast with a baharat spice mix. Transform humble chicken paillard with savoury cumin butter, or try Atlantic salmon grilled with sumac. For dessert, make a delectable mango tart flavoured with orange-blossom water or liven up your weekend breakfast with hot lemon fritters and cinnamon sugar. Beautifully illustrated and written in an engaging style, Moorish is, above all, a passionate celebration of flavour that will inspire and delight the adventurous home cook.


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