The Salad LabWhisk, Toss, Enjoy! Recipes for Making Fabulous Salads Every Day

Make creative, unique, and delicious salads with favorite and all-new recipes from TikTok’s beloved salad recipe creator, The Salad Lab.

It all began when Darlene Schrijver was compiling her favorite salad recipes for her daughter who was off to college when a friend asked, “Why don’t you film the directions for making recipes instead and post them on TikTok? She’s always on there anyway.” Darlene started out making videos of classic and retro salads and thought it would be fun to measure the ingredients with test tubes and beakers since her daughter was a science major. She called her TikTok account The Salad Lab to encourage the spirit of experimentation. Soon, The Salad Lab’s following began to grow rapidly when Darlene would attempt to recreate a celebrity’s favorite salad or a recipe inspired by a dish from a restaurant.

From Bella Hadid to Kylie Jenner’s favorite salads to completely unique creations featured for the first time in The Salad Lab, Darlene’s careful instructions and smart salad-making tips are sure to inspire anyone to crave a healthy salad. All beautifully photographed, there are also drink serving recommendations for every dish, plus a section of staple recipes that can be turned to again and again for dressing and basics like Honey-Roasted Sliced Almonds, Cheesy Tortilla Croutons, Cilantro Lime Dressing, and her viral Green Goddess Dressing. Salads have never been more fun to make—or more delicious.

Darlene Schrijver grew up in Los Altos, California. She worked in market research and as a financial analyst before retiring, and later volunteered in classrooms and competed in triathlons, including an Iron Man. She raised her son, Morgan, and daughter, Athena, while managing her daughter’s athletic career as a youth and Jr. Team USA Olympic weightlifting athlete. The Salad Lab was born during the 2020 lockdown when everyone else was baking sourdough bread on TikTok. A friend suggested Darlene to post her recipes on social media, and that is how it all started. In addition to growing a community of salad fans, Darlene found creating salads on social media to be therapeutic as well. She enjoyed doing research for recipes and learning the history of each salad and the sometimes unusual ingredients. Her following soon grew into the millions, and she continues to strive to celebrate all cultures through her recipes. Darlene lives in Sonoma County, California.

“Encourage both organization and creativity…Those looking to expand their salad options will find both a useful methodology and plenty of inspiration.”Publishers Weekly

The Salad Lab is a game-changer for salad enthusiasts and novices alike. With her creative and easy-to-follow recipes, Darlene Schrijver has transformed the way we think about salads. This cookbook is a delightful exploration of fresh ingredients and inventive flavor combinations that will leave your taste buds dancing with every bite.”—Mary Claire Haver, MD, author of the bestselling The Galveston Diet

The Salad Lab is gorgeous, practical, and eclectic. It’s the perfect reference for any vegetable lover.”—Jeremy Scheck, author of ScheckEats

“My daughter and I are blown away by this book! Darlene creates the most innovative salads and dressings, and her recipes come out perfectly every time. Once you’ve indulged in this book, your salads will never be boring again!”—Erica and Morgan Kuiper, Cook It Erica

“Darlene’s passion for making amazing salad recipes comes through in every video she shares. The recipes in her new cookbook are easy to follow and absolutely delicious, and the photography is stunning. The Salad Lab cookbook is most definitely Spilling the Sweet Tea APPROVED!”—Carlena Davis, Spilling the Sweet Tea

“I deal with patients who want to eat better to get back their health, and The Salad Lab provides an easy formula for anyone to take control. Not only does it teach you the basics of making a great meal but it also provides all the essential ingredients of the healthiest diet on the planet in a single bowl.”—Dr. Terry Simpson, MD, FACS

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